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You are a powerful creatrix & can move mountains

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

The message that came through, loud & clear this weekend was that we need to remember how powerful we truly are:

We are creatrixes with the ability to move mountains.

Of course meditation is not a "cure-all" practice that gets us out of lethargy, depression or our anxiety, but the energy that is coming forward for the collective of those who identify as women is the following:

Meditation will take an important role in your life if you truly want to embody your next future-self: the self who already has what you desire right now:

  • Be it a future self who is feeling well in her body

  • A future self who found the "right one" and has settled down

  • The future self who left a loveless marriage and found herself/ re-invented herself again

  • A future self who got a promotion she has been waiting for or dared to pursue a different career path

For most of us it's hard work to uplevel our lives which is why we need to learn how connect to our inner creatrix, as this is how we:

  • connect to our inner creatrix energy

  • This is how we feel Her

  • This is how we can replenish ourselves with potent life-force energy that keeps us going

  • This is how we are gifted new levels of creativity and inspiration

  • This is how we keep ourselves in a continued "receiving aligned inspiration" mode and follow up with inspired actions versus following our "ego-mind" on what our ego-self thinks we should be doing: mostly keeping busy with stuff that doesn't propel us forward, that keeps us in our comfort zone and that is based on "porn hustle" versus being in "divine alignment".

Being connected to our inner creatrix means we know when to rest and when to be productive. When to play and when to take some serious action. When to sit with difficult emotions to release them and when to work on our mindset.

There are so many different meditation styles and not every style is adequate for everyone. What works for your bestie might not work at all for you. Maybe you are not about sitting cross-legged on a carpet but all about movement, dance or mindful walks through the forest.

Whatever it is that brings you into the present moment and helps you feel your power is the practice you should incorporate into your busy schedules.

Yes, yes, yes. Carve out some time to feel your inner creatrix and rise sister, rise. Allow yourself to be guided by your own innate wisdom and intuition. You've got this.

Ps: Some women have the creatrix archetype and for them it's even more important to work through this archetype's "shadows" and evolving into a place of embodying its strengths and gifts. I write about this in my book: "Universe & You: 11 Steps to Co-Create With The Universe".

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