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Why remembering that you are Light is important on your co-creation journey

You are not your depressions or your anxiety.

You are not your imperfections.

You are not your anger, shame or guilt.

You are pure light incarnated into a physical vessel and the more you remember how divine you are, the less all your depressions and anxieties can derail you.

There is nothing wrong with going through your dark night of the soul. There is nothing wrong with you when you wake up riddled with anxiety. You'll still be able to manifest and to co-create your heart's desires.

What derails your co-creations is the guilt around feeling that way. What derails you is not being accepting of who you truly are, deep down, and that includes ALL of you, including your shadow self.

Accepting who you are is the deep foundation of self-love, self-worth and thus definitely also the biggest tool when co-creating an upleveling in your life: be it finding your significant other, be it improving an existing relationship, be it co-creating more abundance or financial prosperity, be it a salary increase or job promotion.

Step 3 in my book "Universe & You: 11 Steps To Co-Create The Life You Desire" is called "Release energetic blockages from your past" and takes the reader through a healing meditation where they are asked to release old stuck energy, old ancestral baggage, trapped emotions and past life traumas that might be sabotaging their co-creation efforts.

Working on myself and through my depression or anxiety by going back to its root causes has been a game changer for me. It's of course a continuous journey to keep myself grounded, mindful of my emotions and making use of my many tools to not get overwhelmed by life.

My book can help you to accept where you are right now and meets you where you're at. :-)

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