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Why I wrote "Universe & You: 11 Steps To Co-Create The Life You Desire"

"We can't advance alone. Riding this thing called life alone, without support and guidance from the Universe and other important synergies we build around us, is like riding a truck without knowing how to drive. It'll be a hell of a bumpy ride." Lais Stephan

I had quit corporate world without knowing what would come next. I had no clue what my life purpose was or whether I had one to begin with.

Being in my early thirties, single, unemployed, and without an inkling why I was taking up precious space in this world wasn't a great situation to be in. :-)

I broke down one day on my bathroom floor and cried, while praying to a higher power, asking for guidance. The guidance came right away.

"Heal yourself," a voice within me said.

I had no idea what that healing should look like. Having had depressions as a teenager and having been. heavily medicated then, the only form of healing I knew about was medication. But this time around, I didn't want to go down that path. I wanted to heal deeper and get to the root causes of my problems. I wanted to understand why I was looking for love in the wrong places. Why I was so unhappy in the corporate world and to find out whether happiness could possibly exist outside of it. And if so: where the heck was it?

I felt deeply guided to move to Thailand for year and to take care of myself. I signed up for many different healing modalities, meditation techniques and got myself pampered with massages and amazing food.

It was during that year that I learned how to communicate with the Universe, how to visualise and communicate with my spirit guides, my ancestors and my higher self. It was the most transformative experience of all: to know that I am always guided, loved and that I don't have to do this thing called life alone.

I started to bloom. I started to heal. I started to understand more about my gifts and talents. My creativity and imagination were born: I started to blog and to write.

I also started to understand that I was never meant to be in a corporate setting. But that I was good at guiding other women to heal, to feel more empowered on their journey, to start designing the lives they desire to live.

After a decade of accompanying women on their many different paths, I sat down and wrote a book. I wanted to write it from the Universe's point of view. Lighthearted and full of humour - just like it is between me and the Universe when we talk.

And so my book idea was born.

It's available

for pre-orders in many countries around the world (and more coming each day). You can find the link for your country.

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