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Pick a co-creation corner when manifesting

In my book “Universe & You: 11 Steps To Co-Create The Life You Desire” I ask my readers to choose a little corner somewhere at home that they dedicate as their official spot when doing manifesting work: --> Be it through meditations, visualisations or journaling.

How we feel while co-creating is essential. The energy around us definitely affects us. Thus:

🕯 Purify your space with incense, white sage or clear it energetically (if you know how to do that)

🧘‍♀️ Make it comfortable and decorate it the way you like. Some women prefer a minimalist space without anything other than a meditation cushion or yoga mat. Others want their crystals, mandalas, inspirational pictures with them. There is no right or wrong.

🌟 Declare to yourself (& the Universe) that this is your co-creation space going forward, where both of you will meet, communicate and work together.

🕰 Make it a regular routine to sit there to co-create and manifest your heart's desires.

👩🏽 Make this manifesting experience be a less selfish experience: In the meditations accompanying my book I ask that you visualise the collective field of all women who have the same co-creation desire as you do and to energise this field for them too. We can only advance if more of us do so.

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