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How your mother wound might be sabotaging your life

Does this sound familiar?

The mother wound can impact us as women on so many different levels:

- our ability to be in healthy and loving relationships

- our ability to hold strong boundaries

- it affects our own mental health

- it affects our world-view, limits our "magical thinking" and we tend to play small, like to be invisible, to hide our gifts from this world

- or we display the same emotionally detached or overbearing tendencies she had with us with our own kids or go to the opposite extreme she displayed: ie growing up with an emotionally cold mother might mean that some women choose to become controlling and overbearing with their own daughters

- we might struggle on our own self-love journey

- we might feel like a "fraud" or "impostor" anytime we want to venture out of our comfort zone

- We easily feel rejected, triggered, or on edge when we feel people don't see (like she never did)

There are many more ways we display unhealthy behaviours based on how we grew up and how our relationship to our mothers was.

Your mother wound might be sabotaging your co-creating/ manifesting efforts

No matter what you are currently working on co-creating/ manifesting into your life:

  • be it an improvement in your relationship

  • improving your female friendships or your general trust in women

  • an upleveling at work or your business

  • or definitely when you're working on self-love and the sacred relationship you have with yourself

Looking deeply into your mother wound and doing some healing around that, shedding some light into that darkness you might have gone through, will help you to co-create bigger and better things more consistently.

The way I work with my clients is through awareness:

  • making them aware of what toxic tendencies they are displaying because of that relationship

  • cutting toxic energetic cords to their mothers (this one is a biggie)

  • doing inner child healing

  • re-parenting them so they learn how to nurture/mother themselves

  • connecting them to Mother Earth (our true energetic mother) for healing

Of course the mother wound is just one of the many different areas I work with women who come to me looking for a deeper healing & transformative journey so they are more in alignment with their true desires and goals. I offer 3-month healing & coaches packages. If you'd like to schedule yourself in for a free chat, you can do so here.

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