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How To Channel A Book: Start With A Great Morning Routine

Channeling a book sounds much harder than it actually is, even though I also do not want to "downplay" how much energy, time, and devotion it takes to channel a book and get it out into the world: be it through a traditional publisher, be it as a self-published author.

Having channeled a spiritual self-help book myself, I wanted to share some of the morning routines that help me get into a pure channeling mode:

I infuse my face creme with rose essential oil so I start my morning on a high vibrational note. It helps easing any stress we might feel, lifts symptoms of depression and it's one of the highest vibrational oils available (if you buy the right one).

I do energetic space clearing or use white sage to clear the room I will be channeling in, to make sure I don't pick up on negative energies. We need to be pure channels and any disruptions, negative or tense energies can affect our channeling abilities. Ie, if you had frequent fights with your partner in that room, it won't be a good place to channel or write in. If you use that room to get boring work done, or work that stresses you out, again: your body won't allow itself to get into an absolute relaxing mode: I use a space in my home where I can be alone and where no one interrupts me.

I use dancing as a way to start connecting to a higher power: whatever that higher power is to you: the Universe, your Higher Self, God, Source, a benevolent ancestor.

I only dance between 5 and 7 minutes. During my dance I express gratitude for that higher power for being with me, for imparting wisdom, for helping me to put words onto paper:

ie: "Thank you, Higher Self, for imparting me with a higher wisdom today so I can be a channel for a higher truth."

Then I sit down to write. Mornings work best for me - but it's essential to follow your own biorhythm. If creativity only comes in by evening, use that time.

Some people love putting on candles, having crystals nearby, or picking an oracle card first. Whatever makes you feel relaxed, intuitive, and creative is what you should do.

The hard part comes after you channeled your book: the editing, the layout of the book pages, hiring the right book cover designer, book formatter, and if you self-publish with KDP (Amazon) or Ingram Sparks, there is a whole steep learning curve there too - but: it's all doable. :-)

Anyone here has been thinking about channeling/writing a book to share your message? Your truth? Your coaching method or your healing techniques? Let me know in comments.

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