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As women we need to take the lead & co-create the life we deserve to live.

as women we need to take the lead & co-create the life we deserve to live

The truth is: I am who I am today because there were women before me who inspired me to take the lead as well.

Of course every woman's journey towards empowerment looks very different from one another and what empowers one, might not empower another. That's the beauty of it: that we are all responsible for our own empowerment and how we define it for ourselves.

Having said that, my empowerment came by knowing there were other women I admired who had achieved some of the things I dreamed of achieving or being. Such as:

  • women who quit corporate and showed me there is a life after that

  • women who dared to go after their creative dreams

  • women who decided to not have kids, showing me there is a very fulfilling life outside of the conventional norms of being married and having kids

  • women who broke free from toxic relationships or family constellations

  • women who dares to level their lives up big time and never took NO for an answer

  • women who are unapologetically themselves

My book "Universe & You: 11 Steps To Co-Create The Life You Desire" is extremely strong on making sure we are empowering all women:

In my guided meditations (meditation produced by Loriana Valente & Baba Omar) I always ask my readers to visualise the entire collective field of all women when co-creating their goals.

Setting an intention that all women are able to tap into more empowerment and have the freedom to take the choices that are right for them is HUGE.

My book is available for pre-orders. Click here to get your copy.

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