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When A Wild Woman Rises

A poetry Collection

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To the wild woman:

The one for whom depression is not a stranger but an occasional dinner guest, bringing the gift of transformation

The one who questions everything she was ever taught

The one who tries to find herself outside of her religion, spirituality, nationality or her country

The one whose journey includes uprooting herself

The one who communes with Mother Earth & the Universe

The one who loves too deeply

The one who continuously breaks open

The one who embraces her wild, raw, and oftentimes messy self

The one who cares about this world, sometimes too much

The one who loves seeing other women rise alongside her

The one who is continuously dancing towards the light

This collection of 80 poems is about my own wild woman journey, which started way before I started writing these poems. However, it’s safe to say that I felt my inner wild woman very strongly while writing these poems, and she has been ever so present since.

My inner wild woman sat with me during my depressions. She helped me navigate my heavy ancestral baggage, and guided me towards healing and lightness, and we danced together towards the light again.

My poems also speak about my search for my identity. It included leaving my roots, all of them, and to find myself outside of my countries: Germany and Brazil, and outside of my nationalities.

I trust that my poems, my words, and the energy that these pages contain, will find the right wild women at the right time.
Lots of love to you, dear reader, no matter at what stage of wild you are right now. But one thing I deeply believe: a woman who suffers from depressions, is a wild woman deep down. And accepting our “wild” oftentimes is the start of a profound healing.

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