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Universe & You

11 Steps To Co-Create The Life You Desire



Lais Stephan is a half Brazilian, half German modern-day spiritual leader, Psychic Healer, writer and Women’s Empowerment Coach.
She assists women with increasing their co-creation energy by releasing traumatic memories from their bodies, minds, and souls, and by teaching them how to tap into their own intuitive gifts so they can co-create the life they desire and deserve to live.

After more than a decade of working with thousands of women around the world through her intensive 1on1 programs and her online group courses, she decided to make an even bigger impact though her writing.

She wanted to write a book she herself would have liked to have read when navigating her spiritual awakening in 2011 when she learned how to communicate with the Universe and realised that the Universe was full of compassion, love, advice and above all, humour. 

Her debut poetry collection "When A Wild Woman Rises" is coming out in February 2022 and deals with themes of depression, grief, uprootedness, but also sisterhood, finding the magic in the simple things, and an honest exploration of her spiritual journey.


Universe & You by Lais Stephan
Universe & You by Lais Stephan
Universe & You by Lais Stephan
Universe & You by Lais Stephan
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